From the
Pioneers of
Hi-Res Audio

Introducing the Revolutionary Model One Headphone System from Sonoma Acoustics

Long before the appellation of Hi-Res Audio even existed, a professional recording system called Sonoma was raising the bar for audio quality in ways that would define the entire category. Today, with literally thousands of hi-res recordings to its credit, Sonoma workstations are still busy capturing projects for the most discriminating artists around the world.

Now there is a brand new Sonoma, only this one is not for recording but for playback. Introducing the Sonoma Model One Headphone System, the world’s first headphone system designed from the ground up to be optimized for hi-res audio playback. And it’s not just the name that’s special; these headphones are built around a totally new and revolutionary electrostatic transducer, which, true to the Sonoma heritage, promises to raise the bar for music listening all over again.

So please explore our site. There’s much more to discover about the Model One and it’s hi-res heritage.

The Headphone

Designed for comfort and optimized for today’s Hi-Res Audio formats, the M1 circumaural headphone utilizes the finest materials and the latest transducer technology to deliver outstanding acoustic performance.

The M1 is the World’s first headphone to use High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) audio transducers.

The DAC & Energizer

Delivering performance without compromise, ESS SABRE reference DACs, AKM Premium ADCs, and custom 64-bit double-precision fixed-point DSP sit at the heart of a high precision, ultra-low noise, low distortion system.

The M1 supports all of the Hi-Res Audio formats an audiophile would expect from a class-leading audio product.

The Sonoma Story

The story of Sonoma™ is in many ways the story of Hi-Res Audio, which itself grew directly out of the titanic format wars between Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio when the two rival consortia poured money and talent into the race to produce the best high-resolution recording and reproduction technology. The Sonoma Digital Audio Workstation would, indisputably, emerge as one of the crowning achievements of this endeavor to advance the state of the audio art. 

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